Barn fan for pigs and poultry

Need a fan or fan for recirculation in poultry sheds (chicken and turkey barns) and pig pens? Holland Heater develops and produces industrial barn fans for agricultural companies.

Air humidity that is too high in the barn is a significant problem in the agricultural sector. It increases the risk of illness and infection. Holland Heater has introduced an industrial fan onto the market that satisfy the high requirements applicable for a livestock farm. The BWL barn description for livestock farms states that barn fans are obligatory so that there is ventilation in accordance with the RAV.

Ventilation chicken barn
The recirculation fan operates the air flow in the barn. This gentle air movement doesn’t just ensure a drier barn and so reduce the risk of illness and ammonia levels; it also leads to an even temperature distribution in the barn. This creates balanced growth for your chickens. The fan speed can be regulated so you can control the air flow speed.

Barn fan
This fan uses high-quality materials and a motor that is globally-recognized for its quality. This makes the recirculation barn fan a very reliable fan for pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other livestock.

Agricultural fans

for poultry sheds and pig pens