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Control the humidity in your greenhouse, it is possible!

Too high humidity in the greenhouse is a daily challenge for the grower.
Certainly in the night hours and early morning when there is a high humidity in the greenhouse due to evaporation of the crop and a limited possibility of ventilation, condensation can occur and an unfavorable microclimate. Certain crops are very sensitive to high humidity. This increases the disease pressure such as fungal growth and botrytis.
Dehumidification in a greenhouse is therefore possible by slightly opening the air vents of the greenhouse, but there are disadvantages to this, such as costly energy loss as a result of a higher pipe temperature, an uneven distribution of the climate and CO₂ loss due to discharge through the air vents. In order to be able to reduce excessively high humidity, whereby the vents remain partially or even completely closed, Holland Heater has launched a dehumidification unit on the market.
These compact units are very easy to install and are available in multiple capacities.

In control of the humidity in your greenhouse. It is possible!

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    • Available in various capacities
    • Available in 50 and 60 Hz versions
    • Airflow 1800m3 till 23.000m3 per hour
    • Including status indicator lights
    • Possible connection for climate computer
    • Including adjustable hygrostat
    • Strengths mechanical dehumidification Strengths HH dehumidifier 
    • Energy saving through less ventilating through windows
    • Compact units, limited shading and space
    • More constant growing climate in the greenhouse
    • Connection of the drain and plug in the socket is enough
    • Equalty in growing
    • Multiple units can be connected to one central control panel
    • Reducing the pressure of diseases
    • Competitive price/performance ratio
    • Saves CO2 because of less ventilation through your windows
    • Very suitable for hanging due to compact size and weight
    • Possibility of growing more humid
    MODEL*: Dehumidifier   HH520 HH650 HH750 HH1000 HH2000
    Dehumidification capacity based on moisture ** ltr/h 9,6 12 18.9 23 46.5
    Dehumidification capacity based on surface ** 500 1.000 1.700 2.000 4.000
    Airflow m³/h 4.300 7.000 11.000 12.500 23.000
    Electrical power ** Kw 3.8 2.7 4.1 6.1 13
    Voltage V 400/3~ 400/3~ 400/3~ 400/3~ 400/3~
    Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
    Dimensions (depth, width, height) mm 800x1220x950 955x1150x1779 955x1150x1779 1155x1850x1779 1155x2390x1545
    Weight Kg 170 395 395 550 550

    *) Smaller models on request
    **) at 18˚C and 80% RH

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