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About Holland Heater

Holland Heater develops, produces, and sells a complete range of hot-air heaters and fans for heating and ventilating barns and greenhouses. Holland Heater is active worldwide as a leading market player that distinguishes itself through innovation, quality, flexibility, service, and reliability.


Holland Heater Worldwide

  • Expert Partner with over 40 years' experience in agricultural and horticultural heating and ventilation.
  • Global player in the field of heating and ventilation.
  • Develops and produces a full range of heaters and fans.
  • Heating and ventilation for greenhouses, poultry sheds, and pig pens.
  • Constantly innovating and developing durable products.




Active worldwide in heaters and fans.

Innovative climate solutions

Holland Heater follows market developments very closely. This enables us to help our customers in good time with heating and ventilation solutions that need to satisfy the latest technical requirements. With increasingly strict environmental requirements, Holland Heater is constantly innovating durable products and systems to improve the climate and environment inside and outside the barn and greenhouse for people and animals. A perfect example of this type of innovation is the development of the LCSA heater and HHW warm water unit which satisfy the RAV guidelines.


Industrial heaters and fans

The agricultural and horticultural sector are evolving at a high rate, with the Netherlands playing a leading role worldwide. Scaling-up in the agricultural and horticulture sector means investments and financial interests are becoming increasingly significant. Reliability and quality of the products and systems used for heating and ventilation of the barn or greenhouse are vital. Holland Heater never takes any risks and always provides high-quality, reliable, and safe products. But quality is also reflected in the support provided to our distributors, dealers, installers, and end users. Our partners and customers are always guaranteed the right information thanks to regular product training, clear installation, and user documentation, and professional telephone service support.

We’re your expert partner in climate solutions.


Holland Heater Founded

Holland Heater was founded by Mr J. van Dijk (senior) in De Lier in 1975. This was the year that Holland Heater started developing and producing hot-air heaters and fans for the horticulture sector in particular, and later also the agricultural sector.

Holland Heater History

Family business

Holland Heater is a real family business that is closely connected to its customers. A passionate team of employees ensures that the heaters and fans leave the Holland Heater factory in optimum condition and are delivered to installers all over the world every day.

“Holland Heater wants nothing but the best for its customers: high-quality, reliable, and safe products without exception.”


ISO 9001 certification

We've got it! The high quality of Holland Heater's services and products has been confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification. Six months of hard work to improve our services and optimize our processes has brought the expected result and will, beyond any doubt, have a positive impact on the further development of our company. Thank you all for being with us and we look forward to your continued support in expanding new markets and strengthening our market position.

What’s happening at Holland Heater.