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ROXELL acquires Holland Heater

Roxell today announced that, through its owning entity CTB Legacy Holding BV, it has acquired Holland Heater.

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Energy-efficient EC fans

Durable and very energy-efficient fans thanks to EC technology.
Extremely suitable for accurately controlling the speed of the fan.
Easy to connect to a Modbus network.

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NEW! Indirect fired gasheater LTU

Now available: horizontal heaters with a long air throw and
deliverable in different capacities. Jointly developed with
our customers , with an optimal end result!

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My poultry at optimum temperature

As a poultry farmer, I know how important it is to keep my chickens the right temperature. My poultry houses are always kept at the optimum temperature thanks to the heaters from Holland Heater.

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High production thanks to excellent greenhouse climate

The heaters from Holland Heater don’t just ensure a good distribution of heat in my greenhouse; the CO2 production also helps my crops grow.

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More about Holland Heater
  • Expert Partner with over 40 years’ experience in agricultural and horticultural heating and ventilation.
  • Global player in the field of heating and ventilation.
  • Develops and produces a full range of heaters and fans.
  • Heating and ventilation for greenhouses, poultry sheds, and pig pens.
  • Constantly innovating and developing durable products.
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