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There's more to heating a shed than just installing heaters. The ultimate aim is to achieve an optimum climate in the shed to benefit the animals' well-being and prevent illness. Ventilation and heating are important factors that ensure the right temperature and air humidity in the shed. Holland Heater can offer you optimum advice about the ideal heating plan thanks to its many years' experience and expertise. The result is that your objectives can really be met.

Five steps to the optimum result:

Step 1 – Aim

Your goal is our starting point. We will help you draft a heating plan based on your objectives. Your information is the starting point for further development by our specialists.
* Climate details and dimensions of the project location
* Ventilation and heating method
* Insulation of the shed
* Species of anima

Step 2

Step 2 – Analysis

The project details are assessed by Holland Heater and the heating plan starts to take shape. Cost-efficiency and an optimum climate in the shed are central to this.
* Determine the heating capacity
* Select heating type
* Determine the heater locations

Step 3

Step 3 – Design

When all the starting points are known, this is developed into a detailed plan that matches your wishes and requirements. This plan is of course discussed with you in detail.
* Project calculation
* Project layout
* Action plan

Step 4

Step 4 – Custom advice

A next logical step is a clear offer. The last piece of your jigsaw puzzle to be able to make a definitive choice.
* Detailed price proposal
* Project conditions
** responsibilities
** deliveries
** and implementing parties

Step 5

Step 5 – Fulfil

Quality is the top priority for Holland Heater. As a manufacturer, we work very closely with reputable installers. An installer of your choice will start working out a definitive heating plan with you at an early stage. They will help fulfil your ambitions together with Holland Heater.
* Installation of heaters in accordance with heating plan
* Gas and electrotechnical commissioning of the heaters
* Final testing and delivery

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