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Holland Heater was founded by Mr J. van Dijk (senior) in De Lier in 1976. This was the year that Holland Heater started developing producing hot-air heaters and fans for the horticulture sector in particular, and later also the agricultural sector.

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1976 – Holland Heater Founded

Holland Heater was founded by Mr J. van Dijk (senior) on Vreebruchtlaan in De Lier in 1976. Here, the first gas heaters and fans were produced for the greenhouse horticulture sector. Holland Heater was fully responsible for the complete installation. As well as producing heaters, Holland Heater took care of the complete installation of heaters, gas pipes, and electrics.

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1988 – Opening new company premises

Holland Heater moves into new company premises. The expansion of the company means more space is required for all the activities and the new premises on Hondert Margen in De Lier is a suitable location for advancing all aspects of the business.

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1991 – Introduction of Low NOx heater

The Low NOx heater is introduced for greenhouse horticulture. Holland Heater is always very active with the development of new appliances to serve our customers in the best way possible. The Low NOx heater is a good example of this. There was demand from the market for heaters with lower NOx emissions because of environmental guidelines. Holland Heater therefore developed the Low NOx heater. This heater was equipped with special technology, so the NOx emissions were much lower when burning gas. Using the Low NOx heater led to a green label being achieved.

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1995 – Sales in North America

The sale and delivery of various Holland Heater products was made possible through our sales channels in North America this year. You can find the contact details on this site, via the interactive map, where you can find all our Dealers Worldwide.

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1998 – Company transfer from father to son.

After a period of over 20 years, Mr J. van Dijk (senior) hands over the business activities to his son, Jan van Dijk (junior)
With his passion and expertise, he has developed Holland Heater into a leading supplier of heating systems and recirculation fans in horticulture.
“Holland Heaters” has become synonymous with quality at home and abroad.
Jan van Dijk (junior) has the ambition to further extend the network of distributors – and customers – worldwide.
Intelligent product developments have also created opportunities in other markets than just the horticulture sector.

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2001 – New company premises Leehove

The expansion of Holland Heater continues. Increasing demand for our products means more space is needed. The workplace, goods storage, and offices all require expansion. A larger production area and more storage space enables faster delivery to our customers. As well as good and fast delivery to existing customers, Holland Heater can also can guarantee this same quality to new customers. Completely new company premises are built with a large production hall, enough storage capacity, and offices. The whole business moves all its activities to Leehove 2 in De Lier.

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2007 – Heaters for agricultural market

The years of experience that Holland Heater has in horticulture can be used effectively in other markets. From 2007, our company becomes active in the agricultural sector. The existing gas heaters have a new successor. A completely new heater is developed for the agricultural sector, the HHB gas-fired air heater. Innovative gems make this heater extremely suitable for use in the livestock industry. As well as the agricultural sector, these high-quality gas heaters can obviously also be used in horticulture.

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2009 – Expansion of sales activities to Russia

The many agricultural and horticultural businesses in Russia can now also have heaters from Holland Heater. Pig farmers, poultry farms, and nurseries can count on optimal heating for their business thanks to the heating appliances from Holland Heater. Our gas-fired air heaters with open combustion are available in Russia immediately in this first year. The indirect-fired heaters and hot water-fired heaters are also introduced to the market here. The high quality of the heaters from Holland Heater is very much appreciated in Russia, which results in increasing sales.

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2010 – Indirect-fired heaters IFH agricultural market

Stricter guidelines set by the government mean poultry farmers (livestock farmers) need to satisfy more requirements in terms of ammonia emissions.
Holland Heater introduces a revolutionary development to the market enabling compliance with these tight regulations. The use of the new indirect-fired heaters developed by Holland Heater means livestock farmers can satisfy the Reductie Uitstoot Ammoniak (RAV – Ammonia Emissions Reductions) guidelines. The heaters also have many benefits that result in the improvement of animal welfare, better air conditions in the barn, increased breast meat production, and drier litter. As well as the vertical design, a horizontal design known as LCSA is also available. The horizontal design, LCSA with horizontal warm air distribution can be used in horticultural and agricultural companies alike.

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2012 – HHW hot-water heaters for the agricultural market

Innovation and regulations mean that biomass as a fuel and the use of boilers for heating is increasingly popular. Holland Heater responds to this with a completely new development of hot water heaters. A whole series of hot water heaters is introduced to the market. The HHW series of hot water heaters from Holland Heater is extremely suitable for use in agriculture thanks to its robust design, and obviously also satisfies the RAV guidelines. The HHW heaters are characterized by an optimal heat transfer and high yield. Using this heater results in a significantly reduced amount of by-products, such as flue gasses, being released into the environment. As well as the vertical design, a horizontal design is also available, with this variant being applicable for low barns or barns with cages. The horizontal design is also used in horticulture.

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2013 – Holland Heaters now also available in China

Holland Heater sales heating China

The demand for high-quality heaters increases. The high quality of the heaters from Holland Heater is also very much appreciated in China. Holland Heater starts selling and delivering heaters in China. Reliable partners are found for this, who can all offer the same high standard of advice and technical support that Holland Heater is known for.

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2016 – Holland Heater active in Australia

Holland Heater is always looking for new collaborations with reliable partners. To be able to supply gas heaters in Australia, we have found a reliable partner who we can serve the Australian market with. The HHB air heaters are available from this year, and can be bought from our dealer there. Our new dealer is located in Victoria, close to Melbourne. For more information, see our Dealer Finder.

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2016 – Holland Heater celebrates its 40-year anniversary

Forty years of expertise and experience in the production and sale of heaters translates into very high-quality products. We have continued to develop our heaters over the decades and this has resulted in high reliability that our customers can always rely on. This fantastic anniversary is worth celebrating, and this is what we did together with all our employees. These are skilled professionals that we have been able to build with year after year, and who have collectively ensured that all our products can be supplied with consistently very high quality. The expertise and precision that our people work with every day can be seen in our fantastic products and the service provided by Holland Heater.

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